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  • Terms Of Use

    "I'm giving permissions to any individual, group, forum, etcetera, to use my work. There are no restrictions regarding the manipulation of my images on the Internet. This permission letter is open and can be copied and posted on the Internet. Feel free to contact me anytime (popswong@popeyewong.com) to solve any doubt you have regarding the use of my work. If you've already sent me a mail and you haven't gotten a response from me yet, please accept my most sincere apologies. I answer all my mail, but sometimes I take a long time to do so, depending on how heavy my work load is. If you suspect that your mail got lost before finding its way to me, don't hesitate in writing to me again. Thanks for reading this and have fun." ~Popeye Wong


    Frequently Asked Questions: Taggers & Tubers
    Note: the following questions apply only to the images on my website, no exception.

    May I use your images in my group? May I do animations with your work? May I add sparkles and colors? May I color your images or shift colors on them? May I edit your images? May I etcetera?
    The answer to all of the above is yes, yes, yes, and yes-etc. Groups and forums on the Internet have my permission to use my images in any way they want.

    Do you sell "tubes" of your artwork? Where can I find them?
    I do offer "tubes" of my digital artwork, but they're free of any charge. Go directly to the tubes folder itself, at http://tubes.popeyewong.com (there is no preview of the images in this folder). The tubes are in Photoshop format, and they should open in Paint Shop Pro, however, compatibility among versions may vary. Note: please feel free to tube any image from my galleries, including those ones that are already offered as tubes on my website (I understand that tubers might want to make the tubes themselves).

    I do write tutorials on how to make tags, I even have my own tutorials webpage/site. Can I use your artwork on them?
    Yes. Feel free to use any of the images on my website for your tutorials.

    May I use your images to make dolls? In other words, may I remove the heads in your cartoon images to replace it with heads of dolls (or even with face photos of persons I know?
    Yes, I don't have any problem with the fact that my images being mixed with dolls. Neither do I have any objection of taggers placing face photos over the heads of my images (of course, given the fact that the person in question agrees with her/his face being used this way).

    May I mix your work with another artist's work?
    Yes, as long as that's allowed in the terms of use of the other artist(s).

    What should your copyright note read?
    I don't require any copyright note, that means that any group or individual is free to use my work without the need to add my name, my website address, etc. The images in my galleries have no watermark on them, so anybody can make "tubes" with them. Note: the fact that I'm giving permission to use my images without a copyright notice, doesn't mean that group managers will allow that on their respective groups. Each group has its individual rules. If your group requires a copyright notice, the official information is ©Popeye Wong www.popeyewong.com

    I want to use your work, but my group is "G" rated, and I can't post links to adult websites like yours. May I use your work without including your website address?
    Yes, absolutely. As I mentioned, I don't require information of any kind, so, attaching my notice without the website address is totally permissible.

    I like several of your images with total or partial nudity, but my group doesn't allow nudity of any kind. May I edit your images to cover the parts that aren't permissible in my group?
    Yes, no problem. As I mentioned, my work can be edited in any way, and if covering a few zones in my artwork makes it usable in your group, be my guest.

    May I use your artwork in customized personal homepages (like MySpace or facebook)?
    Yes, I have no problem whatsoever with people posting my artwork in those kind of sites, as long as you're compliant with the rest of my guidelines. For example, it's not ok to post my artwork on a MySpace page, if you're promoting racism in it.

    Can I make "tags" with your work and charge for them? Can I print your artwork and sell it? Can I erase your signature and put mine instead? Can I tell my friends that I'm the author? Can I make crazier things with your artwork?
    The answer to all of the above and more is "YES". You can do this and much more with my work, however, that doesn't mean you should do it (in other words, you can do it, but you may not) . Experience has shown me that there are a lot of people who make wrong choices without bad intention, due entirely to ignorance (I myself have done the same mistake). But experience also has shown me that there are a number of people in the world that don't respect anyone else's work. If you're in the first group, contact me and I'll help you with any questions you have regarding what's allowed and what's not allowed to do with my artwork. There aren't any dumb questions, the dumb thing is not to ask. But, if you are part of the second group, I mean, if you use my work consciously ignoring my petitions, then I don't have anything else to tell you. I hope that if you sell my artwork at least you'll donate a little money to charity (which I doubt you will). I clear myself from any use of my work without permission, and I definitely don't want to see my artwork supporting prejudice of any kind, be it religious, racial or sexual orientation, among others.

    Popeye Wong

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